Are there any special discounts for drivers who have taken a defensive driving course?

Texas drivers can save up to 10% on their auto insurance policy if they complete an approved defensive driving course. Contact an agent at (800) 861-8380 for specific information, including eligibility requirements. Completing a defensive driving course can help you save on car insurance if your insurance company offers a discount for defensive drivers. The actual amount of the discount will vary depending on your insurer, age, state and other factors.

The defensive driving discounts offered by insurance companies can vary significantly. Some companies don't offer discounts, while others may offer discounts of up to 20%. Most of the time, drivers can expect a discount of around 10%. Car insurance companies will always want you to drive more safely.

You should also want this for yourself. Consider taking a defensive driving course just to brush up on vital driving skills. All major auto insurance companies offer defensive driving discounts for at least some of their policyholders, as some states have laws requiring insurance companies to offer one. A defensive driving discount is a discount on your car insurance that you can get when you take a defensive driving or training course or program for eligible drivers.

Yes, online defensive driving courses are usually high-quality classes that can help you eliminate a ticket from your history or potentially earn you a discount on your car insurance rates. However, if you're taking a defensive driving course to reduce your car insurance rates, you'll need to make sure this course is approved before investing your time and money in it. Depending on the insurance company (and your state's laws), taking an approved defensive driving course can save you 5% to 20% on your car insurance rates. But you can generally get a discount on your car insurance rates if you take an eight-hour defensive driving class, either in person or online.

Drivers typically save 5% to 20% on their car insurance rates with a discount on a defensive driving course. If you already have an auto insurance policy but just took the defensive driving course, contact your car insurance company to find out if you now qualify for the discount. Defensive driving is typically aimed at young and older drivers who may have higher car insurance premiums, but a defensive driving discount can be offered to people of all ages. Generally, when you apply for a new car insurance policy, the application will ask if you have recently taken a defensive driving course.

Taking a defensive driving class can be an easy way to save money on your car insurance, as long as your insurance company offers a discount on the defensive driving course.

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