Can you get car insurance without a license in md?

Yes, Geico offers car insurance for people who don't own a car or have access to a car owned by someone in their household. Car insurance for non-homeowners is a form of liability coverage that protects you in the event that you have an accident while driving someone else's car. However, as in the case of being listed as an excluded driver, you will be considered uninsured if you drive your car while you only have car insurance parked. Non-homeowner car insurance policies do not offer additional coverage, such as collision reimbursement, all-risk, roadside assistance, towing and rental, because there is no specific vehicle that the policy should insure.

While SR-22 insurance is something that any insurer can offer, you can choose to deny coverage if you are considered to be too risky. Non-homeowner car insurance won't cover repairs to the borrowed car after an accident, whether it's a collision or comprehensive coverage. The Maryland Auto Insurance Fund (MAIF) offers auto insurance to Maryland residents who have been rejected by two insurance companies or canceled by one. If you want to save money while your license is suspended, consider taking out parked car insurance or a non-homeowners policy instead of canceling your policy entirely.

Non-homeowner coverage may not be as easy to find as traditional policies, but all of the following insurance companies offer insurance for people who are not homeowners in Maryland. You may need unlicensed car insurance if someone else uses a car you own, or if you still have your learner's permit but have your own car. By maintaining comprehensive insurance, you can avoid an interruption in coverage, which can cause your insurance to increase in the future and cause the most reputable insurance companies to deny you coverage. The key to obtaining unlicensed car insurance is to buy a policy that shows you as an excluded driver.

This reduces the risk for the auto insurance company, since you and your vehicle won't be covered if you drive the car and have an accident. You don't necessarily need a license to buy car insurance, but an insurer is much less likely to agree to cover you. The best way to get car insurance when you don't have a license is to buy a policy and include yourself as an excluded driver.

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