Is it possible to get liability coverage with my cheap car insurance policy?

USAA is cheaper, but it's not. Check out Geico, Progressive and State Farm for affordable liability-only insurance. These providers also offer discounts that you can add to your policy to lower your premiums, such as a discount for accredited students, a discount for accredited drivers, and a multi-vehicle discount if you have multiple vehicles on the same policy. Clearly, GEICO offers the lowest liability insurance rates for drivers who have a recorded at-fault accident.

The best car insurance policies will include additional types of coverage, such as collision insurance and comprehensive insurance. Below is a table that shows the average monthly rate in each of the 50 states for liability only car insurance. Because of these limitations, liability only car insurance may be sufficient in many cases, so understand its disadvantages if you're looking to purchase a liability only policy. In general, you'll want to evaluate if the difference in the cost of premiums is enough to justify not retaining the benefits of fully covered car insurance.

Car owners who are considering purchasing auto insurance that only covers liability should consider the fact that this coverage will not cover repairs to their vehicle in the event of an accident or cover losses caused by injuries they suffer personally. As mentioned above, car insurance with full coverage is important when your car is new or has a high value. Liability only car insurance covers medical bills, car repair bills, and other expenses for other drivers if you cause a car accident. The rates shown in this analysis are based on non-binding quotes for car insurance obtained from Quadrant Information Services.

Liability only car insurance generally outlines the most basic car insurance you can buy, based on your state's minimum insurance requirements. The list of the most popular insurance companies across the country that offer affordable insurance rates. Liability coverage is a type of car insurance that covers injuries or damage to your vehicle from the other party in the event of an accident in which you, the policyholder, are considered to be at fault. It's clear that Michigan has the most expensive auto insurance rates and North Carolina has the cheapest rates.

Liability only car insurance can work for you if you drive a cheap car, you wouldn't repair it if it were damaged, and you're looking for the cheapest car insurance. If you only have liability insurance, your company won't cover the costs for damage to your car. Westfield has better-than-average auto insurance rates on liability only auto insurance, a very low level of complaints with state insurance departments, and a good score in its collision repair process. Car insurance generally covers rental vehicles for personal use with the same coverage limits as yours, but it may not cover the rental company's “loss of use” fee, which is what the rental company may charge for lost income while the vehicle is being repaired.

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