Is it possible to get roadside assistance with my cheap car insurance policy?

Most auto insurance companies offer roadside assistance as a supplement to the policy, but benefits and costs vary from company to company. Buying roadside assistance through your insurance company is often the most affordable way to buy coverage. Some of the best auto insurance companies reviewed by Forbes Advisor offer roadside assistance plans. All offer the five main services: towing, lockout service, fuel supply, battery charging and changing flat tires.

Roadside assistance can come from your car insurance company, your cell phone provider, or an independent provider, such as a car club. If you don't feel comfortable changing a tire or starting the car's engine or don't want to worry about car maintenance at all, it's worth buying roadside assistance to ease your anxiety. Nationwide provides excellent roadside assistance to an auto insurance company and offers a choice of two plans, Basic and Plus. Both the basic coverage plan and the main package include the winch, something that is rarely available in the roadside assistance of an auto insurance company.

Finding the best car insurance with roadside assistance is a must for many drivers who want to feel safe if their vehicle breaks down or have other problems while on the road. However, if several family members use a car or insurance policy, coverage for the car itself or the policy is likely to be the most cost-effective. The basic roadside assistance plan for auto insurance for travelers has a 15-mile trailer mileage limit and includes the winch. If that's the case for you, USAA roadside assistance is an affordable add-on option to your standard auto insurance policy.

Keep in mind that if you take out roadside assistance with your car insurance company, frequent emergency claims can cause your car insurance rate to increase. Even the best car insurance policies won't help if a tire breaks or runs out of battery, unless you have roadside assistance. If your car insurance company's roadside assistance benefits don't include everything you want—for example, coverage for other drivers in your household or a higher towing mileage limit—you might pay a little more, but be more satisfied with an auto club plan. Travelers offers the best roadside assistance from an auto insurance company, as drivers can choose between two affordable plans.

That said, the AT&T plan is a good option for drivers who want cheap roadside assistance but can't or don't want to buy it from their auto insurance company. Drivers with a Progressive car insurance policy can add roadside assistance, which has a 15-mile towing limit, or go to the nearest repair shop. Most major insurance companies will offer roadside assistance plans as an available option in their car insurance policy.

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