Should i buy additional coverage if i drive a lot in colombia?

Yes, you must obtain insurance to drive in Colombia; while it's not mandatory, investing in Colombian travel insurance can be a wise decision. Assaults and assaults occur even in the safest areas of Colombian cities. Firearms and other weapons are common in Colombia. Armed robberies are common and can occur on the streets, buses, taxis, restaurants and shopping malls.

Criminals will not hesitate to use weapons against victims who refuse to cooperate. In addition, insurance companies in Colombia will have a call center, which the insured person can contact to report a traffic accident. I met a foreigner about a year ago who had a car and only had the mandatory SOAT insurance coverage. Classic Car Plan: The insurance plan is added to the basic plan and provides coverage not only if it causes damage to other people or property, but it also insures your car in the event that you suffer an accident or are the victim of theft.

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