Should i buy more than the minimum required coverage for my vehicle's state law requirements in colombia?

Auto insurance liability coverages can be listed in a series of numbers, which indicate the amounts covered by injury per person, accident, and total damage. Since then, she has worked as a news writer in the insurance industry and has gained in-depth knowledge of state and national insurance laws and rates. For example, comprehensive coverage will cover the stolen car when a thief breaks into your car in your driveway (but often won't cover the contents of the car) or when a storm knocks down a tree branch and breaks the windshield. Although at first the insurance did not offer any guarantee for the victim, the amendment introduced by Law 45 of 1990 to article 1127 of the commercial law not only granted the victim a direct action against the insurer to claim the damages caused by its insured, but it was also expressly established that the purpose of the insurance would be to compensate the victim.

If you lease your car or have a financing agreement for it, many lenders will require you to have insurance to protect your investment.

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