What happens if i have an accident while insured by geico in dundalk?

Insurers must pay for injuries caused by the at-fault driver. However, if the injuries existed before the accident, GEICO doesn't need to pay. GEICO might include some innocent comment in your medical history to say that your injuries are actually pre-existing conditions that it cannot compensate for. No two car accidents are exactly the same, and different types of claims can take different periods of time to resolve.

When filing a claim with GEICO after a car accident, it's crucial that you have a good idea of your damages. Your damages include any losses or expenses you suffered after the accident. Injuries, medical bills, and damage to the vehicle can be counted toward your damages. Our Bel Air car accident lawyers can help you review and assess your damages when you file an insurance claim with GEICO.

The time it takes for GEICO to resolve an auto accident claim in Maryland varies depending on the type of claim and the circumstances surrounding the accident. If your car is wrecked and needs to be replaced, GEICO can estimate the total value of the car. The driver's insurance company may not be required to pay you any compensation if you didn't see the car coming because you took a look at your phone just before you entered the intersection. This means that you will file your injury claim to the insurance company on behalf of the driver who caused the car accident.

Usually, GEICO will have an insurance adjuster investigate the accident and make a settlement offer. How long it takes for a GEICO insurance adjuster to make this first offer may depend on the length of the investigation.

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