What is the difference between roadside assistance and emergency roadside service coverage in maryland?

If you have emergency road service coverage and your vehicle breaks down or becomes unusable, we'll pay for reasonable emergency services. All motorists can call 9-1-1 for help. If you're on the busy side of a road, contact emergency services right away. In addition, many insurance companies offer roadside assistance.

If you have a roadside assistance plan, call them with the details of your location and the description of your vehicle. The coverage allows you to tow to the nearest service garage for another 20 miles. If you need to go beyond this mileage radius, you'll have to pay the difference. Some roadside assistance programs limit emergency towing to 10 miles.

Erie Insurance roadside service coverage can help you with blockages, tire punctures, mechanical breakdowns, dead batteries, and it can even save your day when your car runs out of gas. Another important question that comes to mind is; what does roadside assistance insurance include? We want to know the exact coverage we'll get after spending extra money to get this insurance. You can take out roadside assistance insurance with your insurance provider or with an outside company. If you have a roadside assistance program, your insurance company will send you help instantly and your car will get back on the road.

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