What should i do if my vehicle is stolen by a driver who does not have valid auto insurance in ellicott city?

If your vehicle has been stolen, contact the local police immediately. Most insurance companies can't process a vehicle theft claim unless you first file a police report. Be sure to be diligent and proactive with the local law enforcement agency so that it can try to recover your car. Worse yet, lawsuits may be filed against you if your car was stolen due to your negligence and the thief caused damage while driving your car.

Notifying your car insurance company about the theft of the vehicle could help you protect yourself in case the thief causes any damage when using your car. Therefore, when an insurer pays for the repair of your vehicle and does not restore the car to its pre-loss state, because it cannot do so with CarFax, the insurer must compensate your insured for the decrease in value resulting from the irreparable damage you have suffered. Your car insurance company will pay the actual value in cash, or ACV, if the car thief never finds your car or wrecks it. A car is more likely to be stolen if it's parked in a dark area where a thief can sneak into the car than if it's in a well-lit area that's more visible.

For example, if the thief is involved in an accident, that damage will not be attributed to your car insurance policy.

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