Why is car insurance cheaper for two people?

A car insurance policy for couples, in the form of a policy with two insured cars, is generally a cheaper way to get coverage than separate policies due to discounts for multiple vehicles and a possible marriage discount. Combining policies for each driver's car into a single policy can save up to 25% in most cases. The simple answer is that yes, drivers can share insurance if all drivers are listed on the policy. Your premium reflects the additional risk of multiple drivers using a vehicle, and you're likely to pay more for this policy compared to a single driver.

However, opting for a multi-driver policy is the cheaper alternative to buying two individual policies. It might be cheaper to share a policy than to have separate policies because you'll be splitting the cost of insurance. This information is not an insurance policy, does not refer to any specific insurance policy, and does not modify any provision, limitation or exclusion that is expressly stated in any insurance policy. Sometimes, a driver that you want to include in your policy has a driving record that is too bad and your insurer may refuse to insure him.

Some offer a discount if all the insured vehicles are in the same household and are insured by people related to each other. When looking for multi-driver car insurance, consider the number of vehicles you want to insure, as well as the driving history of all drivers. Depending on the insurance requirements of your state and the insurance company, you may need to disclose people of driving age who live in your residence. Damage to your vehicle may be covered if you've given your roommate permission to drive it and it's not listed in your policy, but it will depend on the situation and the insurer.

If your roommate drives your car, even from time to time, you'll want to add him as a driver to your car insurance policy. Many insurers, including Progressive, will provide a breakdown of the cost per vehicle so that you and your roommate can effectively divide your car insurance.

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